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Proper Etiquette For Dog Friendly Hotels

These days, there are many hotels that take dogs. Yet, bringing your dog on vacation is far from a God-given right. Dogs that misbehave give the whole species a bad rap. You could end up being fined, losing a deposit, or getting embroiled in an altercation with management if you’re not careful to follow the proper etiquette for dog friendly hotels. Here are some important dog friendly hotel tips to ensure you are invited back to hotels that accept pets next time.

The 10 Most Important Dog Friendly Hotel tips  

  1. Be honest about the size of your dog. Some dog friendly hotels only allow small dogs to stay as guests. It seems ridiculous, considering that large dogs are often calmer and quieter than high-energy toy breeds. Even so, you want to make sure that size isn’t an issue when booking a hotel. Some establishments will make an exception if you promise your dog is well-behaved.  
  2. Don’t be sneaky. Some people try to get around the fees or rules by sneaking their dogs into a room. Why would you want to spend your entire vacation paranoid and looking over your shoulder? It’s best to find a dog-friendly location where you don’t have to feel ostracized and unwelcome.
  3. Ask about pet fees. Hotels that accept pets may set a fee that is anywhere from $0 to $500 per night. These fees may be donated to a local humane society, kept by the hotel, or held as a refundable deposit. Some guests lose their cool when they find out about unanticipated fees. Don’t be that guy!  
  4. Don’t bring a dog that has accidents. Only housetrained dogs should travel with you. No one wants dog piddle on their carpet. This is not only a disservice to other guests, but it could also cost you an extra cleaning fee.
  5. Don’t bring a dog with fleas.
  6. Keep your dog from barking. Dogs may bark when they are excited, bored, demanding, or territorial. They may bark when they’re startled by a noise or fearful of their surroundings. Yet, the constant yip-yap gets old fast. Try giving your dog a mentally stimulating toy, leaving the TV on and keeping the shades drawn to limit distractions.
  7. Take your dog with you. Leaving a dog alone in a strange place may lead to anxiety chewing, barking, or even self-injury as the frantic dog tries to escape to find you. Even dogs who are usually calm can lose their cool in an unfamiliar situation.
  8. Avoid washing your dog in the hotel's tub. Some managers say they’ve seen so many filthy, furry tubs, they are considering banning four-legged guests. “It’s very yucky,” they explain.
  9. Bring your dog’s supplies. Do not use the ice bucket as a dog water bowl. Bring your own supplies or look for a hotel that offers these perks.
  10. Bring your own sheets. If you sleep with your dog, bring your own sheet, rather than inviting your pup right into the hotel bed. Hotels that take dogs don't want to see dirt or dog hair all over guest beds and may charge extra for cleaning if your pet has caused unusual soil or damage.

Research the Hotel's Pet Policies

Just as you want to demonstrate the proper manners to the hotel, you'll also want to ask the hotel about their pet policies and any specific rules or do's and don'ts while on your stay with you pet. Follow these tips and be invited back to dog friendly hotels again and again! 

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