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Last Minute Pet Friendly Travel Guide

Sometimes we are unable to plan travel in advance, due to unforeseen circumstances or family emergencies. If this is the case and you have no choice but to bring man’s best friend along on last minute travel, no need to worry, we’ll show you how to find pet friendly hotels and lodging that accepts dogs in any city while on the road.

Any city? Absolutely, pet friendly hotels and dog friendly accommodation are on the rise in both North America and Europe. You should be able to find a Dog Friendly Accommodation in most any European city or a Pet Friendly Hotel or motel in most US cities with a bit of Internet research or just a few phone calls.

Some Tips for Travelling Last Minute with a Dog

  1. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are always up to date. Because it is highly unlikely you will carry around your pet’s vaccination certificates, always attach the vaccination tag to your dog’s collar in addition to the ID dog tag. This will prevent any delays in reserving a room, depending on the hotel’s pet policy.
  2. Dog friendly motels are easier, more plentiful, and less expensive to secure than dog friendly hotels. Depending on your comfort level with your final destination, if you need to travel spontaneously or without much notice, try booking a motel first.
  3. If you have access to the Internet on your trip, Search For Pet Friendly Hotels with up-to-date verified pet policies, descriptions, and ratings. If you will not have access to the Internet, narrow down your search by choosing hotel accommodations at the following generally dog friendly hotel chains: Choice hotels, Best Western, and Motel 6 and Studio 6. Individual locations may vary and size restrictions may apply.
  4. Always call ahead to double check for weight and breed restrictions. Pet policies tend to change over time. It is ultimately up to the hotel manager whether or not you and your pooch can stay if the hotel or motel is not a verified pet friendly accommodation, but if you are in a jam its worth a phone call to the hotel manager or a qulaity Pet Friendly Hotel Booking Specialist to call the hotel for you.
  5. If you find you are running out of options contact the local veterinarian or dog rescue organization in your travel destination. They will most likely be able to point you in the right direction or offer you boarding services in your destination city.

Don't Forget about Food and Water Issues

Always ensure that your dog is properly hydrated and fed during the trip. Bring your dog’s brand of food with you.  If you can stick to the same dog food you use at home, this will inhibit any unwanted diarrhea episodes sure to make an unplanned trip stressful. If you know that your dog is prone to motion or car sickness, stop at a veterinarian or pharmacy to pick up a pet approved motion sickness medication that you can use preventatively.  Lastly relax, the team at provides you with the resources you need to secure the best verified dog friendly hotels no matter where you are headed.


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