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Pet Friendly Travel Tips

Questions To Ask Pet Friendly Hotels

The pet industry is big business. Pet owners will spend over $47 billion this year on care and pampering. People staying in pet friendly hotels tend to stay longer and spend more, says Susan Sims, publisher of Fido Friendly Magazine. While there may be thousands of hotels that take dogs to choose from, not all dog friendly hotels are created equal. Just because you’ve found hotels that accept pets doesn’t mean the accommodations will suit your needs. Here are some questions to ask before booking your stay.

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Proper Etiquette For Dog Friendly Hotels

These days, there are many hotels that take dogs. Yet, bringing your dog on vacation is far from a God-given right. Dogs that misbehave give the whole species a bad rap. You could end up being fined, losing a deposit, or getting embroiled in an altercation with management if you’re not careful to follow the proper etiquette for dog friendly hotels. Here are some important dog friendly hotel tips to ensure you are invited back to hotels that accept pets next time.

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Last Minute Pet Friendly Travel Guide

Sometimes we are unable to plan travel in advance, due to unforeseen circumstances or family emergencies. If this is the case and you have no choice but to bring man’s best friend along on last minute travel, no need to worry, we’ll show you how to find pet friendly hotels and lodging that accepts dogs in any city while on the road.

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