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Questions To Ask Pet Friendly Hotels

The pet industry is big business. Pet owners will spend over $47 billion this year on care and pampering. People staying in pet friendly hotels tend to stay longer and spend more, says Susan Sims, publisher of Fido Friendly Magazine. While there may be thousands of hotels that take dogs to choose from, not all dog friendly hotels are created equal. Just because you’ve found hotels that accept pets doesn’t mean the accommodations will suit your needs. Here are some questions to ask before booking your stay.

Make Sure you Verify A Pet Friendly Hotel

  1. Does your location accept pets? Chains are generally individually owned, so a Best Western in one city may allow pets, while a Best Western in another city may not. It’s always best to ask first to avoid embarrassment and disappointment later.
  2. Are there dog breed restrictions or size limits? Some hotels turn away big dogs for liability reasons. A big dog’s bite can do a lot more damage than a small dog’s. Also, hoteliers may worry that guests will feel intimidated or scared at the sight of a large dog like a Rottweiler or German Shepherd. The Hampton Inn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida only allows 25-pound dogs, whereas a Hampton Inn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee allows dogs of up to 80 pounds.
  3. Is there a pet fee? Most pet friendly hotels charge about $25/night for dogs. However, some places ask that you put down a refundable or nonrefundable $100 pet cleaning deposit. You don’t want to be the owner who has sticker shock when it comes time to pay.
  4. Do you require proof of vaccination? Homewood Suites in Baltimore requires documentation that your pet is up-to-date on all shots for the safety of all people and pet guests. Your veterinarian should be able to give you a copy of this paperwork for your travels.  
  5. Does my dog need to be supervised at all times? Some hotels won’t allow pets to be alone in a room. Other hotels may ask that you crate your dog if you have to leave. There are hotels that take dogs and allow the animals to be alone for up to three hours and offer to call you if there is a problem. Owners may have to be present while the room is being services.
  6. What special amenities do you offer pet guests? Hotels may offer complimentary beds, food and water bowls, dog toys, bandanas, t-shirts and treats that you can take home with you when you leave. Upscale luxury hotels even offer walking, sitting and massage services. You may be offered maps of local dog-friendly hangouts at some dog friendly hotels.  

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