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Use Our Easy View Hotel Pet Policy!

Pet Friendly Hotels™ sorts all hotel search results by pet friendly and dog friendly hotels and accommodation results first.  We clearly display the Hotel's Pet Policy, additional cost (if any), and any special requirements or considerations for taking your dog or pet with you to the hotel.  Here is a sample hotel search result that displays simple to read Easy View Hotel Pet Policy™.

Pet Friendly Hotels verifies the Hotel's Pet Policy by phone periodically, and we investigate any reports of policy misrepresentation or misunderstadings reported by our hotel guests regarding any hotels' pet policy.  After these investigations if a hotel has chnaged their policy we update the policy on the website.  Many hotel booking websites simply accept the data feed of their suppliers and publish unverified information.  You can book confidently at Pet Friendly Hotels knowing that we take extra time to phone verify hotel Pet Policies.  

In addition, we display millions of verified hotel guest reviews (guests that have actually stayed in the hotel) so that you can read about their experience with the hotel, its amenities, and its policies.


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